Au Pair

A Closer Look at the Northwest Territories from Lisa O.


My name is Lisa and I am an Au Pair in Canada for ten months.

Since the beginning of my plans I decided that the right family is more important to me than the “right” place. When a family from Inuvik, Northwest Territories, contacted me, of course I wasn’t sure if this was the right place for me. The town is far away from the next town and with its 3000 citizens it is very small. But the impression of the family I got by their letter and by skyping with them gave me the right feeling and I became aware of the chances which I’ve got here: amazing northern lights and my coldest winter ever (-30/-40) are waiting for as well as dog sledding and a whole month without sunlight!

Because of the small population in this town it isn’t anonymous and the people welcome everybody. It’s an experience for a lifetime ‘cause I don’t know if I would ever get the chance to live to see that again. I am here now for about 5 weeks and I feel very good here.

Even though here is no big shopping center or cinema, the town offers many nice things and the community has a very good infrastructure. You can try lots of different sports and the nature and the Dempster Highway are just amazing!

My family consists of Mom Lisa, Dad Abe, Malakai (9), River (7), and Quinn (1). They are all very warm-hearted and open-minded and from the very first day I have felt like a welcomed and valued member of the family. While the boys are in school Quinn and I can visit the library and make crafts there, go swimming, in a music class or in the daycare gym to play soccer, etc. At home I prepare something to eat for him, we bake muffins together and of course we play, draw and sing together. While Quinn takes his nap, I can tidy up, wash laundry, etc.

No chance for boredom! But it’s much fun and I love to see how he makes progress every day. When the older boys come home, I assist them with their homework and with the preparation of their sandwiches for the next school day. The weekends are really relaxing and often friends come around. Or we make a trip to the cabin at the lake. After work I can meet my friends for sports or just a hot chocolate.

Living here as an AU Pair is definitely different but totally cool, it’s a unique chance and I am very happy to be here!

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